3DR Site Scan


Site Scan allows users to capture aerial imagery of their worksites in order to generate 2D maps and 3D models to manage assets and track progress.

The Site Scan user is considered an expert user - they will perform the same task many many times expecting the same result each time. They want to set it and forget. They care about capturing accurate concise data of their project sites to save time, money, and win contracts with clients. What they need is a way to select the area around their job sites on a map and send a drone to take geotagged images of the site so the can import those images into Autodesk and/or Esri software in order to make 3D models or 2D maps.

Design Principles

We knew the main focus would be on the video and that it would be mounted in the controller, so a landscape view made most sense. We wanted to keep UI simple as possible, and reduce task flow to one thing at a time. It’s like driving a car, there are a lot of environmental variables that are changing so the user has to be able and ready to account for those events.

Survey User Flow

I created a full user flow for creating a Survey that helped me work through how the vehicle and should behave if the survey is interrupted during flight. I decided to keep the functionality as simple as possible so that the user cannot create a new survey unless they have landed.

Create Survey User Flow

The survey creation screen is a key screen because it allows the user to complete the most important task of creating a survey.

Create Survey Prototype

I created a quick prototype to show the flow and interactions of the Survey setup.

Working Prototype

To validate this interaction as quick as possible we created a working prototype to flush out any kinks. With this prototype we also got to play around with moving the whole survey by pressing and holding.

Visual Designs

Site Scan is only available for IOS so the UI and architecture is compliant with IOS standards. The app is map centric and also used as a content management system so I chose to use a light color theme for contrast and readability. The app switches into the dark theme when it is in flight so there is a really clear state change between setup/management and flight.


Here is a quick video of the Site Scan app in action.